Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bible Teaching

Have just come to bible teaching about ‘How to Live in a Stress-Filled World’ by Mr. Hia Chek Phang from Singapore. He taught how to be joyful in the world that so many things can make us down. And he took Elijah story, start from unwell-known person until became a prophet for God. ( I Kings 17-19, Jake 5:17-18 )

The real, real battle in Elijah Story is when he felt afraid of Isobel, when he’s just killed 450 Baal’s Prophets on Carmel Mount. It was a war in his heart, his soul.

Something that makes us depressed is our self. We can be stress or depressed by our self… We don’t need other people to stress us out! It’s about us, not the other people.

The most important thing I got from this teaching is…

‘God is not interested in our public service but in our private relationship with Him’

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