Friday, April 17, 2009

Life is a Series of Journey

Written on April 9, 2009, in Pudong International Airport after having a blast in 430 kmh Maglev train.

Now I'm in the airport again, heading to Beijing. I don't fell well, it's been 6 days I left Indonesia and I have been walking and exploring China a lot. My feet want to stop walking, but my mind just can't! Life in here is just too exciting to miss and having a passionate mind makes my physical limit increasing. As a result, yea, some parts of my feet were broken. It's painful but it's still good.

My three days in Shanghai was so great! Not only has it become new experiences for me, it's even better to meet people who always have open arms to help other people. When it's time to leave, I feel like I left part of my body in Shanghai. I feel blessed to have Rachid, Steve, Beibei and Kevin in my short stay there. I do hope our lives are crossed again someday somewhere in the world. And I really love that dark-brown hairy animal that slept with me every night! It made me warm.

Shanghai is a very sophisticated city. They sometimes call it with whore of the Orient, Paris of the East. It has a very long history when it was a center of trading back at 19 century, and you can see the modernity of it until now. From the beautiful French Concession at which I had a very nice day with Rachid and Beibei, an exciting night view at Old Town, a short trip to Pudong with its skyscraper forest, until the journey to the water town of Xitang where I spent a very lazy day alongside the river, I can say that Shanghai is overwhelmingly pretty. It's like you have a decent conversation with an up class woman walking on the street with LV in her hand and Chinese style necklace. I love it.

Now it's time to have a good sleep on the flight. Life is just a series of journey in order to discover who we are. In 6 days this pilgrimage will have an end for awhile.

谢谢 to Rachid, Steve, Beibei and Kevin!

Zaijian! 再见!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lesson from 18 Years Ago

Written on a very comfortable brown couch at 1 AM and feeling so great. April 7, 2009. Shanghai.

Eighteen years ago, my father took us moving from Sumatra to Jakarta in a 17 hours road trip. I was once so weak that I couldn't handle it, so I threw up somewhere on the road. It was huge trip yet a very good lesson of surviving whilst traveling. Ever since, I always enjoy any kind of it. And I know anything happened in our life is never a coincidence. There's always reason for everything. Universe might teach me how to travel and survive.

This time I am in Shanghai, and it is just so great to see places I never imagine I would be in, to taste flavor I never knew existed and to see unexpected people, from whom I could learn many things in life. I'm so grateful for this life and I feel blessed. Rush hours I had during the trip while catching up the bus in a station with all those Chinese writing was just so worth it. I never imagine there would be a great person like Jake, my host in Hangzhou. And I never imagine I would enjoy my trip on the bus, after a very tiring day. The lesson my father taught whilst moving from Sumatra to Jakarta was like dejavu for my trip now. And it's never been a coincidence after all.

This time I would like to show how grateful I am to have a host like Jacob Rivkin and his room mate, Chyrill, during my stay in Hangzhou. A late night pick-up in an alien place at a very cold night. A lesson of some Chinese words. A bottle of mineral water on the way to Shanghai. Meditation on the floor I learnt from him. A decent talk on religion topic and how universe is bigger than everything in life. Nice shrimps for lunch. And last but not least, hippie dancing in the midst of local people in the train station! And I still remember every detail of life moving in Hangzhou and I just want to show my gratitude for a blessing I had in there, a romantically gloomy city in China.

For Jake and for the universe who always sees us.

Have a blast!

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