Sunday, June 21, 2009


We can only be a change agent to the world if we have abundance in life. In the contrary of living in scarcity, we live happily, have a completely limitless positive energy and attract power of universe -who listens to every prayer word by word- to come to our life.

Take a look at empty glass. Water fills it and it will come to a moment, when glass is full of water, being abundance. That's the perfect example of it.

When abundance comes to life, there's no other option but to share it to the world. And I feel blessed to have met some people who are really happy in life no matter what. They're just the best teachers.

Living in abundance is a result of living attitude of gratitude. It IS the process - be thankful for whatever happens in life; for whatever we have, clothes we wear, food we eat, air to breathe and even as simple as having shook butt in karaoke room with fellow couchsurfers.

And that process leads to ultimate goal of living in abundance.

The logical explanation of this is really simple. When we are living attitude of gratitude, our mind is creating energy. This energy is the source of balance vibration in our body cells (I hope you got physics subject in high school. If not, let me tell you that every atom indeed vibrates anytime naturally, we can't just see it).

When we are positive, the vibration is synchronized throughout our body to create melodic synchronization. In contrary, when we are angry or feel ungrateful, we feel imbalance - heart pumping too fast, mind is unfocused and our words are unstructured. Those are the results of imbalance vibration in our body cells.

The balance vibration in our body is like a prayer that attracts universe to act the way our body asks them to do. And we get the output as WHAT our mind thinks.

That's why people living attitude of gratitude can live in abundance. They have no option to keep energy within, but to share it to the world.

Have you ever felt hyper-positive and felt abundance? Share here so we feel your energy!

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Caroline Pond said...

I have the hyper-positive abundance feeling on most days. I have found my happiness and my abundance with my friends, family and experiences. I am a traveling musician and our band may not be rich in money but with all the beautiful people we meet and the adventures we have that is richer than dollars.
I have the power of positive thought and that helps me out so much. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on your blog.
kind regards,
caroline pond

Romy Williams said...

It's good to see people being positive with their life and I truthfully envy the life that you have! You have your freedom and that's awesome. When I went through your blog, they are just awesome and you're a good writer!

Keep it up.


soumana datta said...

our richness is in the tasks we do well and friends we make in the path called life.

Romy Williams said...

Soumana Datta - your simple comment has made up my day! Thanks for putting it so well. :)