Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Day God Performed Miracle

It was my last day in China and I was ending my 12-days backpacking trip. The flight was planned to be in the afternoon, back to Kuala Lumpur for another flight a day after to Jakarta. In that morning, I was on the train from Beijing to Tianjin, the city where I would be departing to KL to disturb Irawan's peaceful night. And there I was, escaping from Chinese crowd in the station with big backpack on my back and small one on my chest.

I thought it would be great idea to enjoy some places in Tianjin before heading to the airport. I really had no idea which bus to take, so I asked some people. I definitely knew that I would need to ask many people before an Angel took me to a person who could speak English. If Leonardo DiCaprio said TIA for 'this is Africa' in Blood Diamond, I called it TIC - 'this is China'! Don't remind me times I struggled tried speaking with Chinese in a very cool language; monkey-styled communication.

That boy is about 15 years old something. He wore school uniform. I thought he was angel sent to help fake Chinese visiting his country. I showed my LP, asking which bus to take heading to Carrefour in the center of the city. From there, it should be just close to everything I wanted to see in Tianjin. And he took me to a bus, helped me to put my big backpacks into the baggage. Then, I said, "Xiexie! Zaijian!"

I enjoyed my time in the bus. Next to me, a woman who seemed uneasy with her traveling time. I had no idea what she was thinking, but I was just doing my things; reading LP, calculating small amount money left in my pocket and tried to look at some pictures in my camera.

On the aisle, old Chinese people sitting on chairs. It was so full that you could hardly walk along the aisle. What interesting was, Chinese people know that they might not get seat on the bus, so they brought their own chair. Weird, but that happened.

I put earphone tried to look cool and enjoyed my last day in China on the bus. But then I felt strange. The longer it was, the less people I saw on the road. It was like the bus heading to somewhere I didn't know. Tried to ask woman next to me, she shook her head. "Not another monkey-styled language." I thought.

I tried look cool, but the bus was on a highway with so many trucks on the road. I tried to look at signs on the road, but hell yeah, all were in Chinese. I knew I was heading back to Beijing again, from one of signs I read. I mumbled disbelieved for what happened this stupid thing.

I tried to look cool and asked driver to stop everywhere. And I stopped in the middle of freeway. Buses and trucks moved fast and I was with my backpacks on the road. That time I expected my black 1700SAA and Mr. Jo were there, but yea, I was just dreaming.

Frankly to say, I wasn't afraid that time. Thanks to billions of time I did stupid things and got lost, slept in KLIA missed flight to Jakarta and became victim of bad AA flight arrangement that I slept in McD LCCT KL. Instead of worrying things, I just lifted up my right hand and raised my thumb asking for help, hitch-hiking sort of. If there was opened-container truck passed and stopped, I would have been having seated on the back and enjoyed my first lovely hitchhiking trip. But then a crap taxi stopped and tried to mumble in Chinese I didn't understand.

"I want to go to Tianjin airport." Says me, trying to be as clear as possible.

"岑的等。。。 bla bla bla!" He said.


Well, everything didn't work. Every hero has last weapon; so I have my yadayadayada. And oh yea, monkey-styled communication was even better than English. That was the day God performed miracle.

And it cost me another 80RMB to the airport, the balance money I had in my pocket.

Flying back to KL and hoping to see Mr. Mao again cumday!

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