Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Osgood

In Lama Temple on April 11, 2009. Feeling the beauty of sacred place.

This morning I woke up a bit late after having a night with beers on the table and fun talk with Mr. Osgood and Sasha. I did set-up the alarm, but the alcohol just kept making me sleep. And when I left apartment, it was been too late. I couldn't make Great Wall trip to Badaling. Elsa, an Indonesian girl who traveled also to china messaged me that I might be able to take a day tour a day after. Well, it doesn't really bother me since sometimes this kind of thing happens when I travel. And anyway, I will have another 1 day tour to more authentic and challenging spot of Great Wall; Simatai and Jinshaling spot.

I'm in Lama Temple now, northern part of Forbidden City. It's just a quick walk from Yonghegong station of subway line 2. It's Beijing's most magnificent Buddhist temple; beautiful rooftops, stunning frescoes, magnificent decorative arches, incredible carpentry and a very nice museum telling me how's the history of Tibetan religion. Compared to places I visited yesterday, I'm more into place like this. There's a story to tell.

I can feel the peacefulness in the midst of many people here. I can see Chinese people praying, from young to old people. They have praying sticks on their hands, bow down on their knees and move their mouth murmuring a prayer to gods. And it's just so beautiful that the universe starts changing the weather into cloudy and it's a bit cold now.

I've been traveling to some places in the world and I see many people doing many things in different ways and I can say there's one common thing exists; they just want to be happy. Old people did choir with full instruments somewhere in Yuyuantan Park, Brad Osgood with his bike and computer life (he's proud to be bike geek anyway), a 40 something woman trying to sell dumpling with loud voice; they just want to be happy for their life after all. And it's just so good to see people doing those things to keep themselves happy. And small thing is a never small thing after all if they are happy with it; even it's just as simple as collecting stamps or pig dolls.

Feeling lazy and grateful to surf Brad's couch.

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