Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Homey Road

I am a person who usually needs lonely time when I really need to think about something important in life. Getaway sort of and doing a contemplation. Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen escaped to Mars when people on earth blamed him for something he never did. He was destined to be destroyer agent for people on earth and on Mars, living as fugitive; he realized that love exists in his cold and dead heart. Lately he came back to earth just to be blamed for universal truth. Moses, the father of nations, ascended up to Mount Sinai to receive the law of God. Sinai that time was the tallest of all the mountains in the country, terrible and inaccessible. But he believed that God spiritually dwelt there. And He climbed up and got the basic Law of God. More interestingly in Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, Santiago, a boy living in Spain who used to be a shepherd, did a pilgrimage to Egyptian pyramid to look for hidden treasure. He traveled to taste the sweetness ad bitterness of life to meet the Alchemist who could transform metal into gold. For me, the journey Santiago did was very personal, that he found a truly Santiago and created his personal legend. Not hidden treasure nor Fatima was the center of the story, but how he did pilgrimage for his own life.

I am on the road, somewhere on the inner Jakarta freeway, enjoying my lonely time whilst looking at the sunset. It’s just rare to see the sun clearly months back. And it’s just good to have dry season that I can see it hanging on there beautifully, clearly that I am hypnotized to stay for an hour.

Road is my home.

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yuwanastiani said...

I know the feeling Rom.. I sometimes desperately wanted to be alone and contemplate.. Wishing I had some kind of hidden place where I could just be alone and think.. Still haven't found it yet..

Maybe I should start looking for unusual places like yours?
Btw busway, berhenti di tol sejam ga ditangkep polisi tuh???

Romy Williams said...

Yea, Dago is the best anyway! You have many in Bandung, sis! :)

I used magic to blind policemen and spent an hour there actually. The magic is made from sadness, positive attitude and courage :p