Monday, June 15, 2009

It's My Birthday

Written on April 13, 2009 in a very comfortable bed in the east Beijing. Aaron’s apartment.

My life is a series of changes I can say. First, I moved to Jakarta where I felt so nerd that I didn't really have close friends. Maybe they thought I was just a boy from village who wasn't really into fun things they did. Another big change was when I decided to pursue my dream: taking college to prestigious university in Indonesia. I worked so hard to get what I wanted and got it. The cry of my mother was a very melancholic start when I moved my ass to Bandung. Ever since, I felt life was full of changes and it really made me more mature and independent. It was great. Many hard times but it was just something needed in life. Something which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Four years ago I started working in Sumatra, where I really decided to start traveling. It was so fun to see places I never imagined existed before and met so many people along the way. It's one of the greatest discoveries in my life that I really valued traveling. Ever since, these feet just never stopped exploring and I do hope I still have years to see more.

Today is my birthday. It's the first time I celebrated my birthday outside Indonesia. I don't have closest friends here by my side. No birthday cake or candles to blow. No party and alcohol. No hugs and kisses. There are just some messages from the very closest people appeared my blackberry. Aaron already slept and I chose not to tell him that it is my birthday. I just want to know how it feels to celebrate birthday with just me and myself in the room.

And it feels great. It's different and personal.

I'm 27 now and I have done many things in life, but there are monstrous amount of things I still need to do and I just don't want to stop.

A month back I didn't really have plan to have my birthday in China. I planned to travel between 4 to 12, but the route wasn't simple that I needed to extend it until 15. It's not ideal but I know that it's not a coincidence after all. There must be reason behind that. And the lesson I got is that we should not be too attached to something.

The lesson is really simple. When we are too attached to something in a way that we keep thinking about that every single minute, we are actually building brick wall blocking our self to the world. When we try too hard to look good, we may not get the happiness enjoying the world. We keep thinking how people think about us, if they are talking about the way we dress, and if our Maybelline make-ups is too much or too plain.

There's no wrong to look good, but something too much will just build barriers for us to enjoy the world. And it happened for my birthday. The universe wants to teach me that it's just birthday, yes I'm turning into 27, it's special, but it should not be barrier to see the world, enjoy it and taste flavors that it has. Although I have no all pleasure I might get if I was in Jakarta; dinner with closest people, birthday cake and presents, but I feel grateful to have only me and myself in my birthday. It's very personal.

Hoping that I will keep doing my dreams in the years to come.

It's time to sleep now, for tomorrow will be another great day...


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