Saturday, June 27, 2009

Simple thing that changed life forever

Yesterday someone from business partner helped to move through an issue coming unexpectedly. Rather than punishing me for mistake I did, she showed her kindness to forget and helped me to solve it. So I felt so lucky yesterday and thought that life is still full of people with big heart to forgive and forget.

That helped me to forgive another business partner who has brought so much pain in my daily life lately, last week or so.

Living attitude of gratitude is how to see things positively rather than many negatives you see everyday.

Rather than being depressed thinking about suffering he brought to me, I chose to think that I still have work to do, get paid by Mr. Awesomeness and can still buy lots of things to enjoy life. There are many people there who lost job or many more who don't like their job. So again, being in a problem that he brought in, I still feel that I'm lucky.

Recently, THAT teaches me to never forget to look down - to keep self to stay on the ground. She is a woman from my business partner. No, her level is not that high nor her appearance isn't special. She's just a normal woman with vein and smile in her face. She always helps to support work I'm doing and she always did.

A conversation with her in a phone call has changed my life forever. She works in Ancol and her home is in Depok. She has been using public transport to office and I put my sympathy on the way she struggled with that and her passion to keep it up. Many times she had problem along the way, you can imagine how crazy public transport in Jakarta, particularly the train system.

To know I ever hurt her once with my attitude and humiliated her, I wish I could go back to the first time I met her.

It seems like THAT is trying to teach me to never forget to look down and see people around. The simple conversation over the phone call changed my life forever.

Do you know that simplicity in life can change the way you live forever? Have you ever once felt that a person has changed YOU?

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