Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sorry Mr. Emails to kick your ass to deleted items

I do believe that happiness lies in the simplicity of life. Life can be very overwhelming with all to-do-lists, emails and instant messaging popping out every second. We lost personal connection with people and more importantly, we don’t communicate with ourself and universe the way we should. That’s the time we may need to think about simplifying our life.

I have tons of idea in life, both personal and work, and I do love them. I join mailing lists, work for Mr. Awesomeness where I get around 100 emails everyday and yes, I use blackberry – thanks to notifications popping out every minute. Many times I feel overwhelmed and I just have no energy even to see the screen.

Now, most of the time my inbox is empty and there are just some emails left in ‘pending items’ folder. Life is much simpler and happier ever since. Rather than having many unread emails in inbox, I prefer decide fast what I should do to them; responding immediately, delaying and scheduled them for next day, or, oh yea, deleting them even without reading the contents.

There are some tips, which work for me so far, to simplify our emails life:

  1. See your emails and decide which ones to delete. Half of emails are unimportant, junk, irrevelent - important for people but unimportant for us. The last one may be confusing; should we really respond them? For me, if people just send it once and forget to follow up, it isn’t really important thing for them. So, just wait until the third email and do respond. It may be important for them and for you too.

  2. Read fast the rests and decide; respond immediately, archive or put them in pending items. Some emails need a quick answer while others need lots of work before clicking send button. I usually put them in pending items.

  3. Schedule pending items for the next day, whenever we’re ready. This ensures we don’t miss important emails to respond.

Warning: those tips may not be applicable to your boss’ emails and ones from Ms. Jena Jameson - they are just too important to be kicked out.

Happy living in solitude!

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