Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What do you let go of for today?

To let go things is to being completely open and surrender to changes, accept them the way they are and move forward. We are good in planning but somehow life doesn’t move according to our plans. We are burnt, somehow, when world moves against us.

Do you know how does it feel to become a control freaks? I AM control freaks. As a perfectionist, I will plan things the way it should, in detail and full of what-if scenario. Many times it was good, but somehow it was just too much, making me burnt out and nervous. World seems to move against me, that’s the time I felt negative.

There are ghosts who always walk around Mr. Perfectionist and can’t just leave them. When things you love so much in life are just like ecstasy in your life, and you become completely dependent to it; they are completely happy. That so-called ‘worries’ ghosts call their friends, Mr. Pessimist, Mr. Disbelief, Mr. damn-can’t-make-it and Mr. Negative, to sing along in your mind and as result, you just can’t sleep.

You tried to blame it to Mr. too-much-energy who keeps you wide awake at night and Mr. Masturbation comes into your mind and seduce you with Ms. Fake Jena Jameson. You end up the night keep thinking how it goes tomorrow.

Well, don’t ask me if I like it. I hate that feeling.

Being on the roads, I felt like attending university of life. It teaches me how to let go things and life is just as simple as letting go of controls. I love being on the road where I could let go everything: where to sleep, what to eat, to whom I should talk to and where feet would take me.

Thinking of being back to the roads of awesomeness. I may need to let go of precious one.

What was the precious thing in life you let go of?

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betty said...

i just confirmed myself to let go of someone i think is precious.. the wise kahlil gibran says that if you love someone, let them go, to if they came back, they were always yours, and if they didn't, they never were..

found myself so d*mn relief, higher level of self-content and happiness..

now i'm making myself so openly available for any chances that reachs me, let's see:)

**thanks for the good note Rom, it is inspiring:)

wirathea said...

helo lam knal
mampir ke blog aku yah klik disini

Romy Williams said...

Hi Betty! :P wow, you learnt that good! And it's good too see you rise from the valley. Thanks for giving your comment. :)

Hi Wirathea! thanks dan salam kenal juga