Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Would You Do to Change the World Today?

I used to think that small thing would never change one’s life. I was raised with influence to focus on big things and just pick important things. Somehow, neglecting details and becomes insensitive. The fact is, when we practice it in every single thing in life, we forget the power of small things that can change the world, or at least one’s life.

In living attitude of gratitude, which has been tough journey with ups and downs, I start a very small thing that can change one’s day lately: sending ‘thank you’ note for what people do in my life, even if it is as simple as inviting me to join lunch with them.

As first, it was quite weird to write simple words ‘thank you’ in my email. Sometimes I don’t feel comfortable with sentimental things and I thought it was hard thing to do.

I did it to one of my friends and to see comment I got, “Your email has made my day after a very long day with meetings, issues and transitions!”, I felt fulfilled.

To touch one’s life in a single day is a big contribution to the universe and you may be the world for them that day!

Happy living attitude of gratitude!

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yuwanastiani said...

Your much anticipated Blog, at last!
Congrats ya Rom!

I've already link this to my blog..

Come and visit sometime yach: www.yuwanastiani.wordpress.com

Romy Williams said...

Thanks Yoan! I've already linked yours too to my 'where abundance came from'!

Keep it up!