Sunday, July 19, 2009

About life - Is it like taking guesses when the only answer is yes?

Okay, that's maybe too rhetorical - life isn't that easy. It isn't really like answering yes for thousand times for any question we got. Sometimes we don't really have the answer now. And many times, it's a big no no.

But hard thing shouldn't make us stop dreaming and more importantly, to decide action we want to do. Being in neutral state may not be the answer for our 'live life to the fullest' questions. We end up with doing nothing.

It's about taking risk. We really wanted to buy things I need or do our plans, but the fear of second terrorist attack were still disturbing our mind. Jakarta was sooo quiet today.

Rather than just staying at home, we may need to do what we want, "just do it", whilst keeping our awareness of danger. We want to breath life, overcoming fear which is many times, fake.

So today I decided not to use my 'BACKSPACE', but just do it and press 'ENTER'. I know that this morning I have been using 'SPACE' many times, delaying decision I should have taken since early in the morning.

And oh yeah, my friends, it's simply about going to shopping mall by overcoming fear of terrorist attack. Fear existed, just like other Jakartan felt today. And sometimes it's simply about pressing 'ENTER' and move forward. We should not let terrorist win.

Better say sorry than doing nothing.

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Pressing enter for next vacation,

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