Saturday, July 04, 2009

Being Mindful in Super-busy Life

One of the secrets of being happy is living mindfully - how a person can live in present.

We live in super-busy life nowadays. Rather than having technology that makes life easier - it is supposed to save our time to do things - we are overwhelmed by having too much task to do everyday. We're back home even later than before. Being mindful may be a good one for your happiness.

As part of living attitude of gratitude, I start committing to live life mindfully - being present at a time. How can we live gratefully if we keep doing many things, get overwhelmed with them and at the end of the day become so negative to say 'thanks' for the day' to WHOEVER we pray to?

I know, sometimes blackberry ruins our mindful life - emails and notification coming in every second. That's why we may need to minimize its impact to our life. I start being bored with it as sometimes it made day worse than being present. So, I am considering what's the best way to handle this tool.

Maybe I need to put seducing sticker on it, "Please give me a blow job!" so I can start being excited with it again.

So, there are several things I need to do to be mindful and start cultivating happier life. I try to commit myself to do this simple yet hard to do. Aside from its impact to happiness, being mindful is the best way to improve efficiency in work life.

Here are the recipes.

1. Doing one thing at a time. Multitasking may be good way to do things, but it's not the best way. I believe that the best thought is the result of being mindful in one thing. Best plan should come when we don't have emails popping out every second. How can we have a good solution for a problem if we're online in communicator talking about school reunion?

2. Doing less. I believe in the power of less. Doing less is fulfilling because it makes us feel relaxed and we have confidence to finish things. Rather than doings many things with average result, I prefer doing some big things with exceptional results.Keep exercising of doing less helps us to focus on big things - 20% of tasks contributing to 80% of results.

3. Doing thing slowly. We tend to do shortcut if we have limited time, which leads to inoptimal solutions. Doing slowly things will bring out the best solution, as a result of being thoughtful, for all involved - our self, business partner, family.

4. Vacation. No best time to enjoy life and practicing mindful but vacation. We can move slowly without any pressure. We eat slowly. We walk slowly. We have limited things to do and even if we fail doing things we planned, we're to lazy to regret or to be angry with our self. I usually don't take anything seriously in vacation, why should I be? I am in vacation anyway.

With this note, I would like to say sorry for being mindful yet unresponsive of phone calls, messengers, emails or text messages. I've been trying to be detached of technology so that I can be fair with myself. The result I got was exactly I expected; I am not as popular as facebook savvy and my circle of friends isn't that big. Not many phone calls coming in. Only some messengers coming in, much more less than the first time Mr. Blackberry came into my life.

I'm just human with limited capacity after all and many times I am overwhelmed with super-busy life.

Happy living solitude and attitude of gratitude!

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