Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blonde Traveler

Last week I had a chance to meet an interesting person named Kaila. She contacted me long before her arrival in Jakarta.

Rather than thinking a lot and worrying about accepting people as my guest, I chose to say yes to every couch request I got. I did considering to open my world to universe, enjoying difference, adventure and even, debate, that I might have if I meet person having different point of view with me.

And here we go, I had been with Kaila for 5 days. Lazy and relaxed days last weekend were enough to know her better.

She went for awesomeness yesterday leaving beautiful mess in my days. Communism beer and geeky atomic discussion late at night were just several things left behind. It was awesome.

Kaila is an excellent writer traveling around SE Asia. She's building her career in her web project, expecting someday she will partner with companies offering service in travel. It can be hotels offering discount voucher through her website or so. Someday she plans to stay for awhile in SE Asia for this career.

It's just awesome to see her website, It is developed with heart, written in passion and oh yea, easily put so even kinder garden students can understand.

In beautiful mess because of flu,
Awesome Romy :) as Kaila said

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