Friday, July 17, 2009

Bomb in Jakarta

This morning I planned to go to office at 8 for pre-meeting with my boss, but I woke up late. The bombs were exploded when I was taking shower. My apartment is just 10 minutes walk from the bomb location, so I could really hear the blast. My office is next to JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton, the bomb location.

I felt so lucky for waking up late. That I didn't need to cross the roads everyday I use.

The bombs were blasted this morning at 7.58 AM in two locations: the parking lot entrance of JW Marriott hotel and restaurant of Ritz Carlton hotel. Until now, 9 people were reported died - President of Holcim Indonesia included.

Again, I felt so grateful that I wasn't there when it happened.

So when there are no such safe places to go, being in the home in Depok is the best one I think.

Time to go and be back home.

In joy,

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