Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cosmic Spontaneous Song

Should I transform myself tomorrow morning as someone who has one wish, I would ask for being completely free from limitations and sing as if no more minutes to live. I want to have my body blasted into heavenly gold grain. Then fly to ocean of stars where Universe has been positioned Himself for billions of years. Sitting in galaxies.

My soul will completely open for the heavenly music that urges myself to sing spontaneously. It is spontaneous song from heart that I used to sing for Him, 10 years back. Remembering those old days, I felt like I was free. Eyes closed. Hands up to heaven. I bow down on my knees with tears dropping to the ground. Rather than feeling madness I felt happiness. Excited in unanticipated abundance. I felt like I was in heaven; heaven of spiritual songs – amongst billions of Angels singing along with me with instruments. I felt anything but negativity.

I think I can be one of the gods if I can sing along freely, limitlessly with angels; being completely open and surrender to the flow of music – transforming my voice to the energy that blasts death stars and turning my abundance to supernova, separating billions of stars in galaxy to elsewhere. Mind is limitless. Power is undeniably big – that from human turns into god.

Oh well – that will be totally awesome to sing gratefully in heavenly abundance. But I know that we’re limitless, we can be neither god nor angels. We’re human and our humanness always says that we have limitations. We’re human with limits.

Maybe guitar and spontaneous songs can transform my life tomorrow.

Feeling undeniably shaky.

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