Thursday, July 02, 2009

Feeling depressed? Wake up and rise again

From time to time, we all ever felt down or depressed. It seems like the frequency of feeling depressed has increased much compared to period of our forefathers lived. Life is much more complicated. Problems come and go away like fast trains moving every minute. New disease are found. All those things make life become uneasy for us.

But we can be happy whenever. We can choose to, because we were designed to have free will. It’s our choice to be in control of things and overcome barriers.

There are many reasons to feel great in stormy days. I’m not qualified for this topic, but I just want to share what worked best for me to stand out from depression - many times I was in it - and turn sadness into joy.

  1. Problem exists. This is the time of problems come. Broken heart, failure in career, big lost of dreams, big secret revealed. Name it anything.
  2. Denial. We know the problem exists, but we keep telling our self that it’s not a big thing. We walk peacefully with ignorance. We look good, but we aren’t at all. And this stage is a sign that we’re not ready to face problem and to let go things – death of beloved one, revenge, dreams lost. Simply, we just need to realize that we’re still human with imperfection in every single word and action. Acknowledge it. Get real, speak to self that problem exists.
  3. Acceptance. This is the first step of getting out from feeling depressed. We acknowledge that we have problem. We don’t ignore our self; we listen to what our heart says. And in this stage, we accept reality and let go things: dreams, death of beloved one and failure.
  4. Depressed. Once we realize and accept that we have problems, we start feeling depressed. No worries, we are on-track to heal our self. Who never feeling depressed?
  5. Recovery. We did it! We successfully move through the depression and now we feel better. Though people may see us unchallenged, impassionate; but we actually win with our self and the next big thing is to solve the problem.
  6. Action. This part is actually problem solving stage. For me, it’s the last thing that differentiate between one in control of life and one who isn’t. The real winner should be able to face it, no matter what. There are some very simple steps which worked for me so far. I’ll share later.

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