Thursday, July 30, 2009

Go Easy With Yourself

Have you ever felt that you're overwhelmed by things - you wanted to do many things and ended up the day doing nothing? We felt overwhelmed by things and instead of being productive, we lost passion to complete our tons of to-do-lists.

Since last week, I've been trying to go easy with myself. Though I know worry-free life is something too perfect, I try to make life more enjoyable, easier. I bought some DVDs, tried to minimize everyday to-do-lists to become simpler and prioritize only big things. What I get is what I expected. Life is sooo easy. Yes, easy.

And big problems become something to beat rather than to ignore, or to escape from. We become 'on top of', instead of 'overwhelmed by', things.

The first stepping stone to go easy with self is actually mental work. We need to see things as options rather than must-things-to-do. What I mean options is you choose what important things, what you really want to do. You do what you like to do.

Many things can't be that ideal; we do things we like. But many times we need to stretch ourselves a little bit by doing must-things-to-do. And those can be options if we can build them in our mind, accept them and try to justify why we should do so called must-things-to-do. So, most of the things in the world can be something we 'choose to do' rather than a 'have to do'.

Okay - time to say hello to legs now and off to the beach. Maybe I will be too easy with myself and next posting will be delayed a week or so.

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