Saturday, July 25, 2009

Perfect Getaway in Tanjung Lesung

What's on earth makes us keep giving to people or community? I believe it's because abundance feeling that we have. If we have it, then we have something to share to the world. It is a state that you can't keep it inside YOU, but YOU need, if no forced, to give back to universe. It's like filling water into glass and when it's full, there's no choice for water but being in abundance state, throwing out water to everywhere.

And to get abundance feeling, we need to take it from people, things or nature. Stealing it from people or things is temporary, and the happiness transferred is, many times, fake. Taking abundance from newest blackberry or expensive wardrobe may be disappointing. The value of abundance we took may be only the price to get those worldly things. So, it's limited.

But taking it from nature is unlimited. Priceless. You can take as long as you still need love, energy and confidence to do things. Mother earth gives us unconditional love - she doesn't really expect to get love back.

It's been long time not being back on the road, and next weekend I will be stealing abundance from the universe. It's like getting water into glasses of my life, fill it up and throwing ocean of love, confidence and consciousness to the world.

Road is my homey. I'm gettin' excited.

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