Friday, July 17, 2009

Some Pictures from Jakarta Bomb

What's my biggest joy today? That though some of friends were injured during the blast in JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton this morning, they are all safe now...! P&G office, Menara Rajawali, is next to those two hotels and some of colleagues were in the office when bombs were exploded, including my ex-girlfriend. A friend of mine was working out at the third floor of JW Marriott when the bomb was blasted at the first floor. So he fell to the floor because of the strong impact. And a friend of mine was having breakfast meeting this morning in restaurant of Ritz Carlton hotel, so she was injured a bit.

But I'm grateful that everybody is safe now!

I didn't come back to my apartment today, which is in Mega Kuningan area - 10 minutes from explosion location - obviously the road is blocked so I won't be able to come in anyway - so I just come back to see my parents here in Depok. I may need to spend long weekend just in solitude. And it's just great to be in solitude, I may need to think about further plan and my writing project.

I hope that these below things won't happen anymore.

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yuwanastiani said...

Rom, did you really came to take pictures?? Ckckckck.. Anyways, glad my friends are all ok too..

Romy Williams said...

Hi Yo! Yes, all P&Gers you know are okay - there were P&Gers affected but you don't know them :)

And actually I didn't take the pictures by myself. Those pictures are from google.

Anyway, thanks for the comment sis! appreciate it