Tuesday, July 14, 2009

They Sing, Dance and Steal Things

Last weekend, I witnessed how music and dance turn into awesomeness when Mahagenta performing Opera Negeri Fantasi which was held in Taman Ismail Marzuki. They have been spreading joy to world, playing beautiful music, performing excellently and entertaining like no more tomorrow for them. It was blasted evening in art center in Jakarta, that I felt so relaxed and awesome. Excellent!

Opera Negeri Fantasi is a 95 minutes opera with various artists participated; musician, instrumentalist and dancer. They dream for colorful original Indonesian music alive and bring it to the world. They sing, dance and steal things. They took the awesomeness from nature and give it back to the world thru music and performance. Next year, I will be sitting there again to steal awesomeness. I need it to move through my day.

And on top of beautiful art performance, I had chance to come to CafĂ© Batavia for one more time with Kaila. It was a very hot day. Hello legs. We couldn’t resist chilling out a bit inside. I didn’t expect that its restroom is soo gay.

Happy summer and cultivating awesomeness outside, say hello to legs!

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