Friday, July 10, 2009

What are you grateful for today?

Being on the road has transformed me to independent man; I ain't afraid of things coming to my life. Unexpected is great. Strangers are awesome. Changes in plan are just like pepper in steak. Steak is good, travel is good. And having pepper is just like adding awesomeness to travel. So, being on the road has changed the way I live, forever.

I don't want to stop the way I live, it's like a calling from heart. I feel grateful for the freedom I have; to keep being open for any chances coming in, though sometimes feeling overwhelmed by choices, I can still choose deliberately what's the best.

Thanks to the freedom mom and dad have put in me. They don't even want to change me. They tried to understand why; though they wanted me to follow, they knew when to stop and let me think what's the best. So, it's a perfect love they have given to me.

I love the freedom I have now. I feel grateful for life I have now. I feel awesome anytime I think about my life now.

I feel grateful for today; for being able to let go.Letting go is painful.

Letting go teaches many lessons. Time to be back on the road. Road is awesome. Road is my home.

Feeling great! Feeling strong in faith. Feeling kicking-ass craziness is under control.

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