Monday, July 20, 2009

What's your biggest joy today?

If you do want to get daily provoking question everyday, you may want to follow gratitudeQOD from your twitter. I usually spend a minute to answer the question; some are really hard to answer, because I don't really expect to get strange yet eye-opening question. 'What are you surrendering to?' for example.

The easiest question should be 'what is your biggest joy?'. We all know what makes us happy, rite? If you don't, you may want to live in solitude like a monk for awhile to really think about it. :) Joy sometimes comes from a very simple thing, even if it's only about taking a nap while you're on the road. It IS a joy.

Or making a fool of yourself in front of camera.... :)

Or giggling on your bed at midnight, looking at your old portrait. You looked too cool to stay quiet on your bed :)

Of if it’s as simple as your geeky-bike world, just as my friend’s world, Brad Osgood.

I want to list several things in life as my biggest joy.

1. Great family! Do you know that my family is unique and love here may not be the same like what common families have? We don't communicate intensely and don't really show love openly, but from years of living we know that we are inseparable and have ultimate definition of love. It IS love indeed.

2. Great friends! It's great to have lovely lovely friends there when I really need them, who don't judge me. They are awesomeness for my life.

3. Once I was in spiritual freedom. Back to high school, I was ever in a state of completely surrendering self to ultimate power in the universe. Beautifully abundant. Joy flew. Claps, dance and music altogether creating spiritual perfection. Hands to heaven. Superpower imposing soul thru synchronization of spiritual setting. Neither superstition nor fake feeling it was.

4. Three times fell to the river and still alive! If no one helped and saw little boy falling onto Musi river, I would have died now. Not to mention Tarutung-Sibolga accident which made my car was about to fall into valley. There must be reasons to live longer. Live high.

5. Lived in Sumatra. Living there has opened my eyes in seeing road as second home, strangers as mover than shaker. It changed how I see life. I once didn't really want to live there, I know I was wrong.

6. Being open minded and flexible. Living in bigotry isn't ideal in my eyes. Fundamentalist. Homophobic. We live in difference and why should we build border for difference. Living in Mandela's way is perfect.

7. Freedom. If I love something, I treat it like a narcotic. Tried it once. I forgot. Tried it twice. It started bothering me. And I ended up trying it many times. Not only in the context of habits but also things. Now I tried to be detached from things. TV. Blackberry if I want to. My schedule, sometimes free them up is fulfilling! And as expected, I get my solitude life (which is sometimes cool for me, and monks are the coolest creature in the world) and freedom I expect.

Mentioning 7 biggest joys is enough to end up my day with good sleep. And I should change the question to 'what are my biggest joys today?'

What's your biggest joy today?

In joy as always.

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