Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Easy With Self, Easy With People

Lately I've been exercising 'go easy with yourself' principle and I can say it is superb mantra for happiness. At least it has lifted up big portion of my burden and I feel much more happier. I feel much more appreciated by people as a result of being relaxed in living my life. I feel loved. I feel awesome.

Going easy with our self relates closely with how we interact with people, first, and how we perceive our self, second.

Have you ever expected someone to be like what you want and the reality ruins your perfect imagination? In my case, it is many times and it was really disappointing.

Simply accept that people are not perfect will lift up our burden. And sometimes we need to lower our expectations. No, it's not that it lowers our personal standard; it is simply an acceptance of reality. We can still expect people behave in an appropriate way; what society perceives as good, but we need to refuse to be disappointed by it. It's different. Being disappointed means that we become reactive rather than proactive in choosing the mood we want to have for our day.

And if we can't really accept particular people's behavior, why should we keep pushing our self to maintain that relationship? There's no wrong with removing relationship. Or if you still want to have one, minimum interaction is maybe a solution as well. And maybe it's the right time for us to exercise pleasure freedom that we expected to have.

Another thing is about giving love to people. If we give love to someone and they don't really accept and react in a way we expect to see, why it bothers us? It's their right to accept or putting our love in the trash.

So having full control on how we react to people's behavior may be one of the big things for our easy life.

Aside from people related matters, going easy with our self is about how we perceive our life and how we choose to live our life.

We can perceive life as heaven or hell. And unfortunately people seeing life as heaven react in a way that they create happiness in life. They strive positiveness in life that adds abundance in life.

Life is meaningless and empty and it's true. Seriously. The meaning of life depends on how we perceive it and how we add meaning into it. Some people see having wife and kids as important they can't live without. It gives meaning to their life, but some people see those as least priority and being independently alone doesn't really matter for them. But both lives can be meaningful.

Some people see diamonds as something meaningful in life but for others what meaningful is spending rest of life with partner in a jungle being servant of poorest people in the world.

Some people see money as the most important thing in life but others can live happily in the absence of income stability.

So the meaning of life really depends on how we perceive it. We're the actor for own life.

Be proud of our self and just go easy with our self. We're just special and loved. And doing what we want, though it's different, is no shame. Go easy.

Okay, I hope this note gives enlightment to your day. For those who tried hard to change people, maybe this gives encouragement to lower your expectation and react in a way that you may bring happiness into your life.

For those who see traveling as the way to go easy with self; some next posts will be about traveling. It's basically some posts about my travel over the past 5 years unpublished. So enjoy!

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