Monday, August 03, 2009

My Eyes Can Hear You, My Ears Can See You

Being spiritual healthy is really something that helps ourselves to be on top of everything. By having so, we know that energy from universe transferred to us in a way that it creates abundance within. As a result, it's a bless that comes out. And it's gratitude prayer we say; neither negative words nor curses.

The result of gratitude prayer is higher happiness level everyday, which eventually creates bigger energy to solve things. People around us will see us on top of things, someone proactive rather than reactive and someone having free will rather than following things.

To be spiritual healthy, we need to communicate to THAT.

It doesn't matter to what god we're praying to. The thing is if we communicate to that Being and feel awesome, relieved, then we will feel spiritually healthy. Well, awesome and relieved sometimes can't really describe how big the feeling is, because the feeling to THAT is too majestic to be transformed into phrases and words. THAT is limitless, highest level of being and omnipotent.

So what's gratitude prayer that we bring up everyday to bless the universe?

Feeling abundance

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