Monday, August 10, 2009

Southeast Asia - Thousands Miles Trip on Small Budget - Contemplation

I May Not the Best Gold in the World, but I Appreciate My Life

I was in Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, on the way to Hanoi. This sophisticated airport, might be one of the best airports in the world as it is comparable with KLIA airport, has brought me in a comfortable space of time. Everytime I travel, my mind might stop at a certain of time, the moment when I was thinking about my life and what I would do in my life, personal and career life as well. That is my best time to refresh my vision and goals. Everytime I was feeling it, I wanted the time stopped for a while and I enjoyed that feeling longer. I was easily distracted by simple things and sometimes all those things dispersed what I was feeling. So I enjoyed that time.

For a moment, I was separated from the girls, just sitting in a seat and start to think.

I might not the best gold in the world, many people are better than me. I am not the best manager in the world – many times I did silly mistakes and faults; I am not the best son in the world – many times my mother was angry and feeling so bad because what I have done; I ever had best friend but now I’m feeling I don’t have them now – many times I felt difficulties and sadness alone without anyone knew; I don’t have girlfriend now though I was about to get her a month ago – I’m too busy with 3-days-a-week-traveling around Indonesia because of my job; I’m not the richest person in the world – I always think twice by the time I want to spend much money to buy something or to eat; I’m not a man with the best personality – I’m too selfish to be the perfect one; I’m not the holiest man in the world – maybe a thief has better heart than mine; I’m not the best Christian in the world – I’m sure Jesus in Heaven are feeling so sad because what I have done in my life.

Appreciation for what I have now; my life, my job, my parents, my brother and sister, my clothes I use, the food I eat everyday, the worries I feel everytime I meet my boss; are important so that I could still see the good things in all bad times. I hope I could be a better man everyday.

Just a simple thought.

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