Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stars Above Batu Karas Sky

Today I witnessed constellations above Batu Karas sky and it was so breathtaking! I went out from my hostel and looked for open space to get limitless view of awesomeness. It felt so good to have been always able to enjoy such great view THAT has given to us, for free. And seeing shooting star was just as awesome as being able to stand on surfing board. It was quick view, as quick as falling my body onto the water whilst doing surfing. I'm beginner anyway. I hope I will be lucky tomorrow.

Whilst looking at the constellations, I was reminded how big the universe is. Limitless. There are billions of galaxies outta there from the smallest one, a hundred thousand light year in diameter, to the biggest one, five millions light year in diameter. Having said that universe has billions galaxies, so there is that much galaxy in the space with size in between. So, universe is actually limitless.

And it's expanding every time.

And have you ever imagined how starlight traveled so you have chance to see them? If you're able to see star, meaning the light reaches you on earth, and the star distance is say, 1 million light year from the earth, then the star has started sending its light 1 millions light year ago. So, the starlight has traveled that long so you can see it on earth.

Recall that 1 light year is much more longer than 1 year in our definition. It's actually the distance reached by an object to travel for 1 year with light speed - 3 millions kmh, 10 thousands time faster than airplane speed.

What I'm trying to say is universe is limitless, big and full of awesomeness. It IS the perfect example of being abundance. And so is our life if we choose to live in abundance. One of the way to live in abundance is actually by living attitude of gratitude. We CLAIM the abundance by living gratefully.


Kaila said...

It's so true! The universe is so incomprehensibly immense and the stars so spectacularly fickle that we may never truly get a full understanding of our universe - but that's what makes it so magical! Thanks for the reminder, Rom.:)

Romy Williams said...

thanks for the comment, Kaila...!