Friday, August 07, 2009

What are you stealing from the universe today?

I am on the flight from Jakarta heading to Pekanbaru to see my house there. I bought it 2 years ago while I was still working there. It's generally a very nice house in a residence located close to Pekanbaru airport. The area is free of flood and the water is differently clean, so this residence becomes a favorite one that many people want to stay there. As a result, the price has increased quite significantly. So I felt so lucky to have bought it once.

Here I am on 9D seat in AirAsia flight. The captain just told us that the plane will be landing in Medan, instead of Pekanbaru. What? Yes, I will be in Medan in a couple of minutes. As happened every year, Pekanbaru is now covered by smog that plane won't be allowed to land. The flight attendant tried to tell us, "We'll just have fun and at least we can enjoy Medan for awhile." That's exactly what I was thinking actually! If something in the world moves against us, what we need to do is accept it and react in a way that we treat our self easy.

Last night I attended P&G reward&recognition night that was held in Moroccan house in Menteng. Thankfully I got three rewards for the work team has done for the past 1 year. What special is among those 3, the last award is from country manager which was the most prestigious award.

I believed award, congrats and honor can't be claimed by single person in any situation. While we can accept them for the contribution we did, but we should not be arrogant or claim the greatness for our own glory. We all steal something from the universe. And if we have to thankful for the praise people give to us, it should be passed to the universe.

We are all one. We take things from universe; from friends, family, co-workers, bosses, nature, any kind of being in the universe. We are the one in a whole. A success story is contribution of all aspects which we interact to during our whole life.

Successful writers for example. While they can claim the honor people give to them, but they actually learn, take things from universe. From the books they have been reading since Angels opened up their eyes and introduced letters to them. From the inspiration they stole in the making, so they can write undeniably beautiful words. Even honor should be passed to whoever invented paper, books, distribution networks, language and letters so the books can reach you and inspire your minds.

While I know that the awards were given to my hands, I actually stole things from bosses, co-workers, books and unique people I interacted with, even if I don't realize they have contributed to. The greatness comes from others' greatnesses.

What are you stealing from the universe today? What are greatnesses you want to pass to universe?

Feeling one inside the whole One.

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