Friday, September 18, 2009

About Traveling and Spiritual Journey

I'm in the airport heading to Ho Chi Minh for another backpacking trip. Having come too early, I am sitting on a seat in Dunkin' Donuts, enjoying my chocolate croissant whilst writing this note.

Some people really can't get the idea of traveling too much. Some people are traveling too much, for me. While standing here in the airport, my sister may be standing on the mountain somewhere in Rinjani. For me, she has been traveling a lot more than me, lately. So some people really travel that much.

And I keep questioning, "Why you travel that much?"

Based on my experience, in the beginning people travel because they want to see places, and unfortunately they are touristic places. They usually see places as many as they can do in their tiring day. If they need to push themselves, they will do.

But it will stop at the moment when they appreciate spiritual journey rather than trying to see all possible places to see.

It is about neither religion nor to what god you're praying too, but it's more on how you discover yourself.

When we travel, we will meet many strangers who will open up our mind to new things. We see that life is full of people with different skin color, perspective, sexual orientation, habits and the way of seeing life. We accept the idea of living life with differences unifying life rather than ruining it. At the end of the day, we are practicing love that makes us all one.

When we travel, we will have sometime being alone. When we are alone and we leave our past behind where we are from, what would we do? Will we act in different way - the way we talk to people, the way we treat people, the way we treat our biggest secret, and the most important, the way we treat our self? Have we been fair to our self?

I love calling it as 'discovering our self'. Being in hectic life everyday may make us not knowing who we are. And when we travel, we release the past with ease - no one knows you in the city!

"I don't use yesterdays mental garbage to create tomorrows experiences. I create new thoughts. I release the past with ease."

I was thrilled last week after re-watching 'Seven Years in Tibet'. And it is the perfect example of opening self to spiritual journey, rather than being a, tourist.

So, rather than trying to see all places in the city, for me, having great spiritual journey is more fulfilling. It changes life forever. Priceless.

And I know some of you are now on the road, enjoying life, sun, moon and snacks on your hands. I hope you have a life-changing journey back to your home.

Happy Idul Fitri, everyone!

OFF now - for a week, maybe.

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