Monday, September 14, 2009

I am different but I am proud of myself

“Did you do it today? Saying I love you to the person in the mirror”

I woke up this morning and excitedly headed to the mirror in my bathroom, and said, “I love you”. Well, it’s maybe a bit exaggerating, uncool but what a heck. If that will make the whole day the best one in my life, why wouldn’t I do that?

Though you are still naked, why would you care? Your room is your world.

You may be an unwanted person in your community. People don’t really ask to have lunch with you. You may not be as tall as the people around you and when you’re in a concert, you need to stand on tiptoes to see your superstar. You may not be the best performer in your team, and somehow you are too hard to yourself, keep pushing yourself to be the same with perfect people in your team. You may be a person bullied everyday and it makes you think, “Am I really that bad?”

But it’s the right time for us to love our self. Appreciate our self. We’re simply beautiful people in the world. We’re just as beautiful as the most handsome or the most beautiful superstar, in a different way. It’s okay to be different. Living in colorful world is much better than living in black & white. It’s time for us to say, “I AM different but I’m proud of my self.” It’s time for short people to be in concert, stand on tiptoes and sing out loud!

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