Friday, September 25, 2009

Same Same but Different

September 21, 09 - on the Mekong river in the border of Vietnam and Cambodia

I am on the boat in the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, whilst seeing life alongside the river. The boat is actually full of foreigners and locals. There are around 20 people inside with all bags, uncomfortable seats and hot weather inside the boat. Having said that, I feel awesome.

Sometimes it's just good to feel how life here in a very rural part of the world. And whatever happens in physical world is the reflection of our mind game. So, I feel so good, welcoming sunshine and enjoying this local boat.

Then I remember how easy life was in 7 Ulu Kapitan, alongside Musi River, Palembang, the place where I was born. The fun of swimming in the river. The playful feeling whilst playing with friends the whole day. The quietness of the night in the village. Those are what I imagine now. And I really miss life in the village. Same same, but different.

And the feeling whilst moving from one place to another is really great. It's just like opening the gate to other great things in the new place. I don't know things I'll see in the next few hours, but I'm excited to do so, whatever it is.

And it is a mix of fear, excitement, worries and everything. Heart is pumping quite hard. I really like it.

Okay, in 3 hours I will be in Phnom Penh. I'm getting so excited particularly with the story about people killed in Khmer Rouge era, when Pol Pot lead the country. This genocide happened between 1975 to early 1979, when hundreds of thousands Cambodian being tortured and killed.

Enjoying warm breeze in the border, OFF to sleep now.

Note: crossing border to Cambodia from Vietnam thru Mekong Delta is easy. USD 41 2D1N tour will bring you to some spots in Mekong Delta, stay overnight on the boat (which is awesome!). A day after, they will take you to the border and to Phnom Penh. All administrative work for visa on arrival will be arranged by the tour and VOA itself is USD 22. And same same is cool words I have been hearing quite often when I was in Vietnam.

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