Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Seventh Reason Sanne Should be Back to Jakarta

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf" - Jon Kabat-Zinn

It's been 3 days I am in Bali, enjoying the isle of gods for several times in my life. I never get bored with this island as every time I came, the feeling has been completely different. Maybe the god guiding my legs is always different and this time is for god of togetherness. It's the first time I bring my parents to Bali and it's just great to see smiles, laughters and countless amazement from their faces.

And today we ended up the afternoon in Kuta, sitting on the beach whilst starring at the beautiful sunset. Thanks to the rain a day before, so we got completely clear sky. And getting chance to surf in Kuta beach was even better, seeing the sun from the front of wave. Awesome. Though I put 'beginner' status in my mind that I didn't ride all wave, I felt awesome. I was proud of being a, beginner.

Lately I have been spending time with great people from couchsurfing. From several trips I did to the beach, I got chance to see how laid back people could be. And it was just soo great to have spent time with them. Life was just so easy with them around. You, reading this writing, you know I'm talking about us. :)

One of the great, super-positive people I have spending my time with is Sanne. She was completely stranger for me at the beginning and it turns out that she's one of the most amazing people I ever met. Super-positive aura comes out from her soul and it blesses you when you're around her.

To know that she would come back to her country this Sunday, it was hard for me to leave to Bali several days ago. It means that I will not spend my time during her last days in Jakarta. It means that I will not have chance to say good bye face to face. Or should I believe that there will be no good-bye for best friend?

Well, she will go and for sure we'll have chance to meet again. Just like any travelers I met on the road in China, Southeast Asia and Jakarta. We'll meet again someday. I really believe that day by day 'let's make this world smaller than we think' is really true. Culture interactions happen more often over the past decade.

Should I have chance to define reasons why Sanne should be back to Jakarta, I can mention thousands of things. If I can't, I can still ask other great Jakarta couchsurfers to mention them. Okay, Sanne has seen 6 reasons why she should come back and now it's the 7th.

It is a black picture.
Neither beautiful sunset nor nice rice field like what we have in the previous reason.
Not the laughter at Pangandaran with laid-back travel companions.
And it's not JCo which she's always curious with.

It just is. Just black. We don't know what makes her back. It's her who knows the reason.

No matter how hard we try to define thousands of, if not millions of, awesomeness in Indonesia, it is her who will decide and make her path to come back to here. I do believe making our own personal choice is the best way to enjoy life. Life is just great outta there, maybe it's not in Indonesia. Maybe it's not for her.

When we say, "never say goodbye...", maybe we just love her too much that we should keep her with us. But loving someone means we need to let go. Best friend knows when to stop and let his friend start another journey.

And black is just the best reason for the 7th reason.

Mark your path and fill the 7th reason with your own journey, Sanne! We're happy for whatever path you choose and will always be. See you somewhere.


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