Monday, September 07, 2009

What Are You Deleting From Your Life Today?

Our life becomes much more complicated lately since information era came in. We can describe life as system with its components and relationships. Relationship exists from two components interaction. Since information era came in, it’s been easier for two components to interact in a way we couldn’t imagine before. When number of relationship increases; number of transaction, conflict, commitment and appointment increase as well. It adds complication in life. When we’re overwhelmed with many things in life, we may want to start thinking of deleting things in our life. At the end of the day, we want simple life that leads to happiness.

This is how system, component and relationship work. Two components interact and they create relationship. If the first component interacts with the third component, it creates another relationship. When the number of component in life increases, the number of relationship increases as well at a disproportionate rate.

It works this way; one component creates no relationship, two components create one relationship, three components create three relationships, four components create six relationships, a hundred components create 4950 relationships. When the number of component increases arithmetically, the number of relationship increases geometrically. And it goes like this.

It’s quite geeky but understanding of this concept is worth it.

Life goes that way too. We have relationships with things in life; friend, parents, blackberry, car, pets, even if it’s only about our stamp collection. And when the number of things relating to us increases, the relationship increases at disproportionate rate and we need to spend more energy for that. We will end up at one point that we can’t do anything to maintain relationship. We’re overwhelmed.

It’s been three months I committed to simple life in a way to live gratefully. Simplicity means happiness in our life and I would do anything to get it.

Lastly, we need to delete some components in our life. What are components in life we can really, consider to, delete?

  1. Deleting relationship. There are some relationships we can really remove from our life, consciously. And removing relationship doesn’t mean that we are anti-social person. No.

  2. Deleting technology. Technology can add value to life. But it is paradox of technology that it doesn’t really make our life easier, but it keeps us work longer and harder. Lately we see more people finish working late than, say, a decade ago.

  3. Deleting control. Having control of things is good. Being on top of things is great thing to do when we are working in a project, or, planning for a vacation. But being control freaks is overwhelming and limits our capacity to do many great things in life.

  4. Deleting negative thinking and living gratefully. How do we start our day? If it’s raining, can we still think positively and live gratefully? Many things in life can really ruin our mood in a few minutes after we wake up. Even when we’re sleeping; bad dreams can do. However, we can choose whatever reactions for things in life. Live abundantly!

  5. Deleting burden of life. We really think it’s important. And we don’t want to let them go; traffic jam in the morning, overwhelmed in finding files in our notebook, difficulties managing bank account. Delete them.

  6. Deleting 80% unimportant task. There are many unimportant things in life, task or project, which control 80% of our time, but contribute to only 20% of value. Minimize them, delete them.

Deleting things in life is fulfilling. It is a journey and won’t be easy. We will go in detail in each post about 6 things in life we need to put into trash.

Happy deleting things in your life!

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1 comment:

Ricki Taufik said...

good tips, but i use different approach to manage this complexity, especially information.. never delete anything, but instead archive it..
living in digital era, we all know that most of our information are saved in digital storage, or recent terms called cloud computing.. why should worry if we would run out space when disk storage is getting cheaper and many company provides virtual storage even for free?
i have like 25K unread mails in my gmail inbox and don't want to waste my time to delete it, instead i can do archiving for something unimportant or rarely i read.. when i need to find this information, a simply search button can do.. it's keywords and indexing that help our life become very simple..
never delete something too quickly, delete it until you are really sure it's useless.. you never know when someday you need it, give good hints, or bring back some sweet memories in past..
about the relationship, i prefer keep it as it is, relationship will naturally fade away if the mutual interest is no longer grows.. but you know when someday you miss or need that relationship.. never delete it, instead make prioritization.. moreover, i never create any boundary in relationship, why should limit our scope? we never know when someday we may find it's useful and can bring happiness..