Saturday, October 10, 2009

Enjoy Life at 30!

For those who have been feeling too old to enjoy life, regardless how old you are, do enjoy life!

Some people really think that being above 30 is hard age! Going to the clubbing for us is 'not for me' statement now, because we think that the place is just full of fucking playful teenagers. We think we are not into it. In our daily life, we worry about what people think about our wrinkles, our hair loss, our big belly, our white hair, our loosing interest of things and many more. You name it.

Worry is the story we tell to our self. We over-reacted it as a drama just to express how bad our life is. The other times we use it to get sympathy. And many times we do it just because we can't control our mind; we unconsciously say that shit over and over again, as a result of years of habit.

And our economy-based life makes it worse. Is my job cool boring? Do I look good feel tortured in a party? Do I take the cool fucking boring subject in university just like my parents and others want me to take? Do I use the wardrobe normally so people can accept my normal yet common boring look? Do I have a sexy butt just like my favorite porn star has?

Life is empty and meaningless. If no one lives, it's empty. If billions of humans live in this world without effort to make it meaningful, it's still empty. It's us who put meaning in life- otherwise it's still empty and meaningless. And having meaningful life is nothing to do with our years of life. Instead of seeing our self as 30 years old doing nothing, just try to see us having 50 years afterward with endless, countless possibility for our self.

Nothing is wrong in this world unless you tell yourself it is wrong. So, enjoy your life at 30. Tell everyone that it is awesome hard age, playful boring and let's see how life changes afterward.

For woman with wrinkle, we love the maturity wrinkle you bring to life!

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