Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Life is Good: "Go Easy With Yourself", "Off from Technology" and "Being Mindful"

There are many books telling us how to be happy. They push us to say, 'life is good' while it doesn't seem easy to say so. We say 'life is a bitch' instead.

In this post, I don't want to say that these principles are the best for living a good life. I find it is a very personal thing to walk on our own way and find the perfect rhythm that suits us the best. Sometimes it's annoying when people tell you to do this and that.

What I have been learning on how to have good life.
1. Keep it simple and quick.
2. Reduce options.
3. Stop over-reacting and live gratefully.
4. Eliminate the drain people.
5. Don't be to hard to yourself.
6. Off from technology.
7. Being mindful and live in present.

This is the last post; on how to treat ourself as a king in our own, nurturing and treating ourself fairly.

5. Go easy with yourself.
Sometimes we push our self too hard on things. We think being 30 is hard age. We think our job is not cool. We think we're not at the right crowd of people. We think we're ugly. We think we're less in everything.

Don't push our self too much, really. We're just different in our way. When we start thinking negative about things, about our self even worse, people can see it. Worry is the story we tell our self to avoid us moving forward. So, enjoy your life no matter what!

picture taken by Andri Prihutomo; a friend, photographer, traveler and devoted life enjoyer

6. Off from technology.

I bought this idea of living in solitude 6 months ago. The rationale is really simple, paradox of technology: instead of making life simpler, it adds complexity. It increases number of interaction with everything in life. Having said that life is abundant with unlimited components inside it, the complexity increases exponentially.

Blackberry, laptop, messenger, facebook, twitter, any social networking site. The key is you know when to stop, when your body and mind really need to live in solitude.

If being off from technology is too extreme for you because you really need it, there are many things you can do: put appear-off-line/unavailable status in your messenger, stop notification email of your networking site, use filter for your email account, leave irrelevant groups in your email account.

7. Being mindful and live in present.

Doing one thing at a time. Multitasking may be good way to do things, but it's not the best one. I believe that the best thought is the result of being mindful in one thing. The power of less. Doing less is fulfilling because it makes us feel relaxed and we have confidence to finish things.

picture taken by Faisal Reza; a friend, photographer, traveler and a fulltime-proscatinator

Doing thing slowly. Doing things slowly will bring out the best solution, as a result of being thoughtful, for all involved - our self, business partner, family. Vacation! No best moment to enjoy life and practicing mindful life but vacation. We can move slowly without any pressure. We eat slowly. We walk slowly. No deadline. We don't push our self to hard. There is life beyond deadlines and excel spreadsheet templates.

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