Sunday, November 01, 2009

Life is Good: "Keep it Simple" and "Reduce Options"

There are many books telling us how to be happy. They push us to say, 'life is good' while it doesn't seem easy to say so. We say 'life is a bitch' instead.

In this post, I don't want to say that these principles are the best for living a good life. I find it is a very personal thing to walk on our own way and find the perfect rhythm that suits us the best. Sometimes it's annoying when people tell you to do this and that.

What I have been learning on how to have good life.
1. Keep it simple and quick.
2. Reduce options.
3. Stop over-reacting and live gratefully.
4. Eliminate the drain people.
5. Don't be to hard to yourself.
6. Off from technology.
7. Being mindful and live in present.

In this post, it's all about simplicity, the first two. On the second post, on how to deal with mental fight and how to handle people who drag us down. On the last post, on now to treat ourself as a king in our own, nurturing and treating ourself fairly.

1. Keep it simple and quick.
I don't want to say this, but it's true. We tend to complicate things, particularly me. Along the way, I find happiness lies in the simplest things in life.

We automatically add non-added value things into our daily lives and work. We want to look cool because we can think in a complicated way. We think it is smart. If we want to go from one point to another, just take a straight line. That's the simplest. Life and everything is this world is abundant with unlimited options,
so it is really impossible to consider all things.

2. Reduce options.
Having said that this universe is abundant, we can't take all options. We have options everyday and sometimes we over-commit to take all options just because we're afraid of loosing opportunity. We are afraid of saying no. No is just a no, why complicates a simple no? It just is. Too many options will kill us.

I have been trying lately to say no easily when I don't want to. I have been living for years being so over-considerate, but it kills me. My best learning on taking decision (it can be a yes, as well) is that I spent to much time to ponder the decision. Too many what-ifs.

Don't know what movie to watch? Pick the first one that attracts you. Don't know what dress to use? Choose the ugliest one - what a heck. If you're okay with that. But if you don't, pick randomly. Don't like your job?

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