Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Life is Good: "Live Gratefully" and "Eliminate Drain People"

There are many books telling us how to be happy. They push us to say, 'life is good' while it doesn't seem easy to say so. We say 'life is a bitch' instead.

In this post, I don't want to say that these principles are the best for living a good life. I find it is a very personal thing to walk on our own way and find the perfect rhythm that suits us the best. Sometimes it's annoying when people tell you to do this and that.

What I have been learning on how to have good life.
1. Keep it simple and quick.
2. Reduce options.
3. Stop over-reacting and live gratefully.
4. Eliminate the drain people.

5. Don't be to hard to yourself.
6. Off from technology.
7. Being mindful and live in present.

This post is about on how to deal with mental fight and how to handle people who drag us down. On the last post, on now to treat ourself as a king in our own, nurturing and treating ourself fairly.

3. Stop over-reacting and live gratefully.
I find that complaining whores are the best actors and actresses on the stage of good life! Some people keep complaining about things, even when the air-cond is just a little bit hotter than usual. It's good to complain, because we know things don't meet our expectation. Things are just not okay. But if that's too much, that's impacting us, our mood and happiness. Fact of life: billions of reasons everyday to complain if we want to: traffic jam, waiting time, air pollution, raining, your best friend having lunch with others, your ex forgets you, your shoes are too tight, many more. You name it and it can be a complaint, at the same blink of an eye.

Why would complain on simplest things when we have great life, great family, great food to eat everyday, air to breathe, one more day to live? For me, key is focusing on big great things to eliminate small unfavorable things.

Live gratefully, whores! Life is just as simple as shaking butt.

4. Eliminate the drain people.
This is hard and not easy, but if we do, we eliminate heavy weight. We think relationship and friendship in general are given, so we try to hard, in a nice way, to keep them up even when we find that those relationships have been dragging down us too much. Some relationships cannot be eliminated, while some others are to-do-list. Some say it's anti-social, but it's not.

Complainers, victims, needy, angry, drama queen are the best ones to complete your days with bad mood. We can help them; I always do try keeping them up, keep the interaction with them, talk to them and entertain them. But spending the whole day with those kinds of people is not a good idea, unless we're a super-positive person. My humannes always says I can't handle spending hours with drain people, even when I try so hard to be positive.

My best way to keep myself up dealing with these people are knowing when to stop, instead of removing them from life. Spend time less with them. Manage expectation with them. Communication is the key, as well, so they will understand why they should not drag down everyone, including us.

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Anita Van Nelle said...

Good Stuff Romy.. didnt know your blog before.. will scroll it down .. oh so interesting!!

Romy Williams said...

Hey Anita! Thanks for reading and compliment. I do hope it's a bless for ya