Friday, January 08, 2010

I (Think I) Can

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." ~Einstein
Many times I (think I) have lots of energy to do things. I (think I) can do anything, thinking that I should bring my life to the fullest.

I love traveling and many times I plan for 2-3 vacations in advance. I create future in my mind how the next vacations look like. Most of them run well. We shook soul like no more days to live. I thank all closest friends who have been bringing so much awesomeness into my days. You know who you are.

In addition, I love my job. It's been 5 years working for Procter&Gamble. I used to complain about everything at the first 2 years, I guess. Life is fabulous when I started thinking that being grateful is way better than complaining.

Those first two have taken lots of my energy. Don't get me wrong, I love doing those two things.

I join 4 years ago that allows me to meet many like-minded travelers who love hosting travelers. Not only has it brought so much happiness in my life, it also gives me chance to meet many locals in Jakarta and travelers from all around the world. Sometimes it takes my energy too much; karaoke, gathering, clubs, late night dinner and beer session. I love talking, bullshiting, shaking butt with new travelers and hosting them. Hosting is the perfect example of one of the best things in life; giving. Giving hugs to travelers, opening arms when travelers really need it.

Lately I has been growing up awesome creatures in my room. Two cool babies named Gratti and Gratte. Their names are the expression of world of plenty, grateful. Abundance feeling. It is such an alarm system that anytime I see them, I need to be grateful. It sounds corny, but what a heck. Most of the time they're funny and delicate, but sometimes they are so annoying when they made noises when I was sleeping. I am just enjoying the goods and the bads happening to me from the first time I committed to grow them up. Now from the cool G&G, I have 7 babies. It's even more annoying if I start thinking that they are annoying. Again, it takes lots of energy to grow them up.

Last month we just came back from some vacations, some of the best I think. We didn't go abroad; local beaches and mountains in Indonesia are as cool as ones in other countries. Needless to say, december was the biggest celebration of life for us with all Christmas dinners, soul shaking on the beach whilst surfing up, Dieng Plateau exploration which has brought so much good college memories, butt shaking session in karaoke and clubs, hosting, and many more.

All is good. I love them.

Days before NYE, I hosted Clayton from states and we had interview session with Koran Jakarta (it is published already). The first day I arrived in Jakarta after Dieng Plateau trip I got chance to host Sebastian from Germany, who is one of the most friendly guests I ever had.

With the hectic December and January, I'm really exhausted. Again I love doing all those things and I'm really enjoying the now. My positive feeling always says I can. It turns out I think I can. I need to let my body take its break for awhile.
Surfing time should be awesome.

Stay fabulous and be in love, everyone!

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Erin Coriell said...

Love reading your beautiful thoughts...perhaps we could travel together sometime!

Romy Williams said...

@Erin: yes, travel together will be great! We can share news coming from the universe... to bless.. to shake soul