Monday, January 18, 2010

Kiwi Are Shy and Usually Nocturnal

“Life is far too important to talk seriously about.” Oscar Wilde

I never thought before that kiwis would make up my days. I thought kiwis, literally, are shy and quiet. I thought they were nocturnal, but then I realized that these kiwis are special.

They are not nocturnal, their sleeping schedule suits mine. Their dancing skills are just exceptionally good for Equinox so people just watched them and admired their butt-shaking skill. Even though they are not nocturnal, they enjoy late night conversation talking and bullshiting about seaweed, Fajar and balls. And oh yes, they used all of them in one sentence. We would love eating seaweed on Fajar balls soon.

And the other good thing is those kiwis didn’t eat my hamsters for the breakfast. Birds don’t eat mammals, I guess. Okay, OFF from talking about zoo. They’re gone now. Frankly to say, I miss those jokes and all night long laugh. I’m gonna find kiwis (literally) in the zoo later to check if they are funny too.

Gotta shake soul in the office today with tons of work to do.

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