Thursday, January 28, 2010


Here I am, sitting on my bed after long day working and transforming thoughts into actions. I feel so tired that what I need to do is only sleeping and hoping that hamsters won't shake butt and make noises all night long.

Today when I was waking up in the morning from my bed and trying to reach bathroom, my feet were slipped away that I almost fell down onto the floor. My head neither fell down nor hit the wall. With that, I felt so lucky.

Luck always comes into days, even at a point when we feel we are at the lowest level in life. There will be always smile and laugh for us. There will be always sun for us to forget darkness. For us, there will always be days to cherish and someone to love.

I was in Cimaja last weekend with fabulous P&Gers. We were four. But noise we made that day wasn't like one from four, at all. We felt so lucky that we were the only guest staying at Oddies.
And we were so lucky to see one of the best sunsets in the lifetime. Really. For me, it was really one of the best ones. Check this out.

I felt so lucky to have seen that sunset when I was back home to Cimaja; just like when I woke up this morning and nothing bad happened to me.


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Erin Coriell said...

Beautiful post....I feel lucky to read it!!

Lita said...

nice awesome pics tooooo

Romy Williams said...

@Erin - hey, thanks for reading it. Your blog is awesome too, I feel so lucky to read some of them..

@Lita: yes Cimaja is beautiful. Mare was there too once. You may check it also. It's second home for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your invitation.

Romy Williams said...

@anonymous: who's this? Dai yaaa...

Anonymous said...

Hi Romy! Found your blog thru Google. I'm planning to go to Cimaja this Lebaran holiday, I randomly picked a location so I know nothing about Cimaja. Can you tell me more about the place? Is Desa Resort a good place to stay?

Thanks Romy :-)