Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be in Love

We're approaching Valentine's day. It's 23:51 now. In 9 minutes, we will celebrate the biggest party of being in love. It was what I thought 5 years back.

Believing it is just like drinking a glass of shameful wine. Strong attachment to that special day will not be beneficial for all. What we get is pressure rather than pleasure.

Being a single to celebrate Valentine is just like adding the pressure of being alone. We can celebrate the party of love everyday, whatsoever. Even when we're in a relationship, there is somehow a rule of thumb saying that we should have a nice and romantic dinner with our beloved one. For married one, there may be a problem when one of them doesn't take spouse out.

Well, that is a glass of shameful wine.

Everyday is special and we got lots of love here. Love is not only for spouse or partner; it's for everyone - even when you write a simple note to your ex-boss saying thank you for being a helpful boss, once in your lifetime.

Be in love!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

We’re living in the world where when life complexity increases, we are not as happy as before. Say, compared to human in the Stone Age. With all limitations human had, they didn’t worry too much about things. Life is simple. Every time I traveled to villages and secluded places, I can see simplicity of life that brings smile and laughter into days. That’s what I miss from living in the village and rural area.

This is paradox of modern life; instead of having anything to make us happy, we start worrying about things in every single minute of our life. Technology, money, blackberry, notebook, emails, so on. All those things, in many cases, just make us stay longer in the office, finishing our job. We have technology that makes us working harder instead of simplifying things. I don’t against technology, productivity increases for sure when we use it right.

Last night when I was in Starbucks coffee and saw a couple laughing loudly, some other people looked at them awkwardly. Maybe they started thinking that laughing couple were crazy. I mean; crazy for being happy. Why bothers? No wrong with that. I enjoyed laughter, smiles and jokes; even though noises came into my ears and made me a bit distracted.

It’s happiness that everyone seeks in the modern life.

Stay happy, everyone!

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Robby Williams featuring Hamsters, Vivie and Rati

I thank everyone who has been giving unconditional love and putting smile on my days. You've been great in many ways. You're perfectly created to cherish others' life, even in the simplest way. And everyone in the life impacts other's life, once at least.

Three weeks back I hosted two Kiwis at my place who have made my days. We shook soul, danced and sang freely in the ocean of happiness. Not only had they brought so much fun into my days, they left personal relationship which will lasts forever. They have impacted my life in a beautiful way.

Once they left Jakarta.
And then when Tom was back to Jakarta to stay again at my place, he gave me a souvenir. It was created in love, cooked in creativity of two Kiwis; Thomas and Leigh.

Now I put it on the wall and I feel like a superstar; Robby Williams featuring hamsters, Vivie and Rati. Just like what they wrote on it. Check this out. I got two fans already.

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Queen of the Hamsters

Everything in this life happens for a reason. That is absolutely true, particularly when we are talking about friendship. From (500) days of Summer movie, it is said that love can happen even when we don't really expect it to come. It just happens at the same blink of eyes. Is it coincidence? Maybe not. That happens for friendship as well. This time I would like to show my gratitude to have known one of the most wonderful people I have ever known in my life. First time we met was two years ago. No chemistry for friendship. I have been so busy with my job and so was she. I don't think she could be as cool as I expected.

Until the day when I grew up hamsters and I really needed help to keep them safe whilst I was out of town shaking soul, enjoying awesomeness of Gili Trawangan last year. And it all started when, without knowing she was pregnant, Gratti gave birth. She was there to keep babies alive. That was the first time I knew somebody sent to fill my days with sweetest and spiciest friendship. Ever since we started enjoyed laziest days in Cimaja. Even universe conspired to arrange nice sunset for us.

She's open minded, something I never expected from her. She has opened her heart that wide for new friendships created by the time she knew me. At least this picture showed how fast she was adjusting herself into new things. Cimaja children love her, I guess. Her pure heart will always be the good mix with her b*tt (in a good way).

Keep being cool, queen of hamsters!

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