Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be in Love

We're approaching Valentine's day. It's 23:51 now. In 9 minutes, we will celebrate the biggest party of being in love. It was what I thought 5 years back.

Believing it is just like drinking a glass of shameful wine. Strong attachment to that special day will not be beneficial for all. What we get is pressure rather than pleasure.

Being a single to celebrate Valentine is just like adding the pressure of being alone. We can celebrate the party of love everyday, whatsoever. Even when we're in a relationship, there is somehow a rule of thumb saying that we should have a nice and romantic dinner with our beloved one. For married one, there may be a problem when one of them doesn't take spouse out.

Well, that is a glass of shameful wine.

Everyday is special and we got lots of love here. Love is not only for spouse or partner; it's for everyone - even when you write a simple note to your ex-boss saying thank you for being a helpful boss, once in your lifetime.

Be in love!

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