Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

We’re living in the world where when life complexity increases, we are not as happy as before. Say, compared to human in the Stone Age. With all limitations human had, they didn’t worry too much about things. Life is simple. Every time I traveled to villages and secluded places, I can see simplicity of life that brings smile and laughter into days. That’s what I miss from living in the village and rural area.

This is paradox of modern life; instead of having anything to make us happy, we start worrying about things in every single minute of our life. Technology, money, blackberry, notebook, emails, so on. All those things, in many cases, just make us stay longer in the office, finishing our job. We have technology that makes us working harder instead of simplifying things. I don’t against technology, productivity increases for sure when we use it right.

Last night when I was in Starbucks coffee and saw a couple laughing loudly, some other people looked at them awkwardly. Maybe they started thinking that laughing couple were crazy. I mean; crazy for being happy. Why bothers? No wrong with that. I enjoyed laughter, smiles and jokes; even though noises came into my ears and made me a bit distracted.

It’s happiness that everyone seeks in the modern life.

Stay happy, everyone!

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