Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Queen of the Hamsters

Everything in this life happens for a reason. That is absolutely true, particularly when we are talking about friendship. From (500) days of Summer movie, it is said that love can happen even when we don't really expect it to come. It just happens at the same blink of eyes. Is it coincidence? Maybe not. That happens for friendship as well. This time I would like to show my gratitude to have known one of the most wonderful people I have ever known in my life. First time we met was two years ago. No chemistry for friendship. I have been so busy with my job and so was she. I don't think she could be as cool as I expected.

Until the day when I grew up hamsters and I really needed help to keep them safe whilst I was out of town shaking soul, enjoying awesomeness of Gili Trawangan last year. And it all started when, without knowing she was pregnant, Gratti gave birth. She was there to keep babies alive. That was the first time I knew somebody sent to fill my days with sweetest and spiciest friendship. Ever since we started enjoyed laziest days in Cimaja. Even universe conspired to arrange nice sunset for us.

She's open minded, something I never expected from her. She has opened her heart that wide for new friendships created by the time she knew me. At least this picture showed how fast she was adjusting herself into new things. Cimaja children love her, I guess. Her pure heart will always be the good mix with her b*tt (in a good way).

Keep being cool, queen of hamsters!

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