Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Robby Williams featuring Hamsters, Vivie and Rati

I thank everyone who has been giving unconditional love and putting smile on my days. You've been great in many ways. You're perfectly created to cherish others' life, even in the simplest way. And everyone in the life impacts other's life, once at least.

Three weeks back I hosted two Kiwis at my place who have made my days. We shook soul, danced and sang freely in the ocean of happiness. Not only had they brought so much fun into my days, they left personal relationship which will lasts forever. They have impacted my life in a beautiful way.

Once they left Jakarta.
And then when Tom was back to Jakarta to stay again at my place, he gave me a souvenir. It was created in love, cooked in creativity of two Kiwis; Thomas and Leigh.

Now I put it on the wall and I feel like a superstar; Robby Williams featuring hamsters, Vivie and Rati. Just like what they wrote on it. Check this out. I got two fans already.

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