Friday, March 19, 2010

Be Open Minded and Let's Just Put Smile on Your Face

I sat down on the road with some local kids in the Sudder street in Kolkata, which is backpacker area in the city. I gave Rs 20 to a very poor boy. He bought food with that. Seeing that Rs 20 is small amount of money (~50 cents USD), which is nothing for me but maybe it gave a proper food for the boy, I feel so grateful and sad at the same time.

It's been a week for me in India. Ups and down happened just because cities here are unique compared to Jakarta. I need to handle the crowd of people walking on the street, sometimes squeezing myself on the road. After a week I get used to it.

A friend of mine said that I needed to be open minded enough to travel here and it's totally true. I thought I was open minded enough but I was wrong. Now I know that I need to stretch myself a little bit and see new things as good. India is actually a country which can makes you stressful yet smiling at the same time. I am happy to see that my last days are generally full of smile. Thanks to some friends who have been good companions while I'm here.

One of the good examples was on my way back to Delhi from Agra. I used local train for only Rs 75 (~1.5 USD) for 3 hours traveling time. It was full and packed train with almost impossible to move inside the train. No air conditioner, just a fresh air from the window. I could choose to complain about it and worried about things, but I slept like babies; just enjoying the now and making comfortable with myself.

It's true that open mind can make you smile even though the world moves against you and the way you think.

I was like, okay, I wanted to come back to Indonesia soon several days ago. Now, I don't give a shit to my negative thinking. I really enjoy it!

It's a good travel experience after all!

Namaste and have a good day!

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