Saturday, March 06, 2010

Just Me

I still remember the days when kids yelled at me saying that I was weird with my small eyes. It was back to 20 years ago when I was still living in Kapitan, a small village alongside Musi River. I felt like the ugliest kid in the world.

Pressure from kids are sometimes bigger from adults, just because they don't know why it happened. Even they don't really realize if they're different. Having said that, they don't know how to react to that bullying thing. I couldn't do anything but crying.

Today I watched a Chinese Cap Go Meh celebration from Chinese ethnics, attended by many Indonesia President and his ministers. It's long journey so Indonesian-born-Chinese get equality in living in here.

Back to Gus Dur presidential period the first time the inequality between non-Chinese and Chinese was erased. The spirit was continued by Megawati period when Chinese New Year became a national holiday.

I remember when I was a child I always took a day off from school in Chinese New year day, just because I really wanted to spend time with my whole family. It was love I looked for, seeing adults talking, eating, drinking and laughing like no more days to live. On top of that, getting 'angpau' from aunties and uncles was another mission. You must not miss that; the first time you really feel that you're the richest person in th world. =)

So, seeing how this country tries to erase inequality amongst its citizens, I feel so grateful. Debating and arguing about differences that may lead to conflict is so last decade. We don't move on.

GLEE describes perfectly on how we should live and answer community pressure when we have big nose; when we are a nerd; when we are out of community just because we have Chinese eyes; and when we always want to sit at the backside of our class just because our mom or dad said we were dumb. The casts of GLEE accept that they're different, become depressed (which is good phase of realizing that they have to wake up and show the world they ARE superstar) and move forward.

People called you big nose?
People called you
People called you 'so gay'?
People didn't want to have lunch with
you just because you don't wear branded wardrobe?
People didn't want to hang
out with you just because you don't have cool job?
Or your boyfriend or
girlfriend kicked you out just because you are snoring when you're sleeping?

Screw them! Seriously. Before they judge your quality and point their fingers to your face, they need to make sure their fingers are clean.

I'm a big fan of living in harmony with differences. I learn from the monks in Cambodia to see things as neutral. Judging things as good and bad many times fails to make us live happily. We are too busy to judge things as good and bad, particularly when it comes to people. I don't think atheism as a bad thing; it's their choice to live their life. Knowing that there are people who don't believe in GOD is awesome, right? Do you think drinking alcohol is a bad thing? If you're gay or lesbian or hermaphrodite or whatever new words coming to our community, don't be shy! You don't need to keep yourself in the closet. You're the most beautiful creatures in this universe. Are you an asshole? First of all, everyone has an asshole, so we're all asshole. =) An asshole is human and there are good things in an asshole's heart. We just can't judge people just because they have different nose size with us.

We're all connected each other since the beginning of the civilization. We're one. And we will just finish our mission as one.

If you're different, then be proud of it! Keep on walking and make sure you wear good shoes.

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