Friday, May 14, 2010

Dessert of Thought

I have not been writing quite some time. My dead mind can't go anywhere else but onto the dessert of thought. Freshness I expected to come didn't come and I started feeling that I need to relax a bit.

My days are great. I am just a bit busy with the job I love so much (seriously). Party days never end like I am in Ibiza. It's just an everyday life. You know what I mean. And now after being mentally exhausted after office hours, I still push myself to work out, tortured by my personal trainer. At least I lost weight 3 kgs now.

Today I want to be grateful for a very relaxing day. Long weekend is always like everyday breakfast for many Jakartans; they go on vacation, leaving Jakarta as if doing exodus out of polluted air and being in fresh air of rural area. Some are being beach bum. They take swim suit and show to fishes that they got sexy body. And they take surf board to stand on it, feeling like they are kings of the ocean. Good to see them out of routine and being grateful for their life.

And I am very happy that Jakarta is so quiet today. Afternoon rain was like a blessing to my day! Sitting in Starbucks and doing some works; my mind goes like an automated machine producing masterpiece in the state of mindfulness.

I find it's good to relax a bit, take some coffee and spend time with ladies in MO to charge myself. For a better day!

Sleep well, everyone!

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