Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Heartbeat of Small City

Yesterday I surfed up like no more days to live and whilst enjoying being on top of the surfboard, my body was brought to the ocean by the current. Trying so hard to kiss the beach line; I knew that it would be like pain in my ass. And I was stucked far away from the beach line for some time.

I felt a bit worried about swimming all night long with my surfboard. It was 6 PM something and the sun already did its everyday to-do-list of performing twelve hours dancing. I started to wave my hands; expecting surfer fellas to see (hopefully come to me; with them being aware at least made me feel better) me struggling. My heart beat like the heartbeat of the small city in the south coast of Java.

It was the same feeling when I fell beneath Musi river. I felt afraid.

Finally I made it myself to the beach line. Luckily there was a big wave coming from my back; one of the biggest for a beginner like me, and I ride it. I made it though. The thing is there is always a good thing behind the bad thing.

OFF to Singapore.

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