Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let’s Face It. Some Days Are Bad.

This is fact of life. Some days are bad that make you walk sluggishly. When you felt that people you love disappoint you. When somebody you trust so much kills you slowly at your back. When you think you have done your best but people always say that you’re not good enough.

Thing is, at the same time, some days are full of happiness that you make you want to have it 24 hours of your life. You don’t want to let it go. Even for a second. When people you love make a surprise for you, sending you a thank you note that makes your day. When somebody you hate so much stands for you when you’re cornered. When you think what you did was disaster but they said that you have done your best!

There are always ups and down that make you feel that, yea it’s just life.

Nothing too serious to think about.

This week I learn so much on how to live in present. I have been quite busy, occupied with lots of work to do. I started in the morning hoping that I could go out at night. Or even just having good time in my room with ‘Two and A Half Man’. I could hardly do it. Even weekend is so worrying for me.

This is the same feeling I got every time I felt so excited and challenged about something. After 1 month in Bangkok, I now can start feeling stillness inside me. I am perfectly fine.

Being in stillness is great. It makes me feel secure. And being in present makes me enjoy life at every blink of an eye. Even when Paul Octopus was right when my favorite team lost. I could still feel that was okay. I let go.

Here I am in my room. Somewhere in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. I can see the how laid back this city from my room. Stillness is here. I can see some cars going home. Or, sorry maybe I’m totally wrong. Some cars start the journey to somewhere in the middle of the night. That’s bad life.

And some people really come and go.

This week I feel so down, knowing the fact that one of my good friend’s wife has gone. I can’t say anything but sorry for what happened to him. I wish I could do more. And knowing the fact that I cannot do anything is totally unwell. I hope he’s perfectly fine.

It’s life. Jakarta is waiting for me this weekend.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Let’s face it. Some people are really different. Some point of view is not what you think they should be. And at every blink of your eyes you may see different thing in life. That is the beauty of life.

A Japanese guy in one of the roads in America got lost. He asked someone the name of the block where he was standing on. That American guy said that it was a block surrounded by road 1 and road 2. That Japanese guy did not understand.

An American coming to Japan asked someone when he got lost. He asked the name of the road he was standing on. That Japanese guy said it was a road between block 1 and 2. That American guy did not understand.

That stupid misunderstanding happened because there is no block name in America and there is no road name in Japan. There is road name in America as well as there is block name in Japan. It’s just as simple as we don’t know it.

There’s flipside of everything.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Mystery of Tomorrow

If I have chance to choose which part of my life that I want to see the most, I want to choose tomorrow. It’s not myself at 35 or 60 I really want to see. I am not interested at all.

What I want to see is what I am going to eat tomorrow. Will it be good? Will it be the same food I had today? And will I meet the same people? And will I face the same business issue? Well, life is moving and I am really curious how I see new things everyday.

I am person who usually think of the future instead of the past. It’s more interesting to see new things than bringing my imagination back to, say, 5 years ago. It was something, but I just don’t want to regret on something and wishing I could turn back the time. Being in the tomorrow is more interesting. And maybe that’s why I am quite forgetful – I think too much about the future and how interesting every second tomorrow will be.

Today is the future of my past. I couldn’t imagine before that I would be here, sitting in the sofa and typing this note whilst relaxing. From the window of my apartment, I could see how cheerful Bangkok night sky is. And I enjoy every second and every letter I type here. I enjoy every joke guys talking about in “How I Met Your Mother”.

Hopefully tomorrow will be exciting. At least it will be new thing.

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Lazy Ass

This morning I woke up sluggishly. This is the first time I woke up without pressure I need to do things. Being in the condition that so many things you need to do, you are always in the rush. This weekend I manage myself not to be in the rush all the time. I try to relax instead. And sleeping for 9 hours is such a blessing for me.

I am lazy.

Being grateful when you are at ease is easy. Most of people can sit back, enjoy coffee and be grateful. Being grateful at difficult time or when you’re in the rush, it’s another thing. There’s such a barrier to do so. When you can overcome the barrier and start speaking grateful language, that’s when you’re really sure that your life is in peace.

This is the first month I am in Bangkok; the city where I always wanted to be. Life’s here is good. Yet if I compare it with when I was in Jakarta, it’s totally different. I can’t sill find the right balance on everything. Saying words full of grateful helps a lot.

The place is here. The time is now. And the future is in our hands.

How do you rejuvenate yourself?

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